Agnes & Edie is an online retail store for the LGBTQAI+ community. The majority of our products are made or designed by members of the community, with a focus on women, trans, nonbinary, POC, disabled, and feminist artists. It is a safe space where gender and identity expression are welcomed and celebrated in a one stop pride shop without the rainbow capitalism.

With us you can safely purchase gender affirming underwear, accessories, gifts, art, clothing, shoes, and items tailored to the queer experience without having to wade through irrelevant, offensive, or cisheteronormative content. We are a place where pronouns are not assumed, gender is not assumed, and sexuality is not assumed. Our acceptance of our community and customers is essential to the essence of what Agnes & Edie is, and will continue to grow to be.

Our values are at the heart of Agnes & Edie, with members of the LGBTQAI+ community at the centre. We are for queers, by queers, and endeavour to be economically and physically accessible to support our community. 

Agnes & Edie is currently owned and managed by Margot, a queer nonbinary 30-something completing their Masters degree in Education and living with far too many cats.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I made my purchase as a care package for a young friend, and when he discovered you'd included several little freebies, there were real tears. Unbelievably fast shipping and perfect, perfect products - and about half the price of shipping from overseas. Thank you for truly making someone's life better."
Alex, Wellingon
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I love the pins I got, they're really high quality and beautifully designed. Agnes & Edie was really easy to shop with, the store is easy to navigate, and I love that I can buy cute things from a queer owned business. Shipping was so quick, the items were in perfect condition, and were in discrete packaging."
Michelle, Christchurch
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"I've ordered two badges from the sale, the pronounces and the "non-binary babe" one. Instead, I've received four, and that was actually a really nice surprise, so thank you! <3 I love them a lot. Being a closeted enby who can't yet buy a binder, I'm in a constant need of being seen, so those badges kinda gave me validation. The package was great as it didn't take any attention, which is important when you live in a non lgbt friendly environment. Thank you again for the product! :)"
V, Auckland
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