What's Crackin, Packin?

At some point in our lives, we've all thought about what it's like to have a dick. 

Whether it be someone else's, a bigger dick, a smaller dick, or a dick where there was not one before. Freud had some whack theories about dicks, but I think the next best thing is to have a portable dick!

I first tried packing yonks ago when I was undergrad at Victoria University. I was working in a certain store that stocked certain things, and felt a great... sensation when walking around with a strap on. Now, there's a bit of a difference between a dildo-dick and a flaccid packer, but the sentiment remains the same. I didn't even know what gender fluidity was at this stage, but knew that I loved the emotive factor behind being fully strapped in. Some days I don't pack. I can go for a couple of weeks and not even think about it, or else it feels weird. But some days I'll put on a dress, get my lipstick looking tight, and pack a lil dick into my undies for the day. Oh what a wonderful feeling. 

Technology is a beautiful thing, and the silicone available today is truly top notch. We've got some gorg wee dicks in stock for you, and some even not so wee (that you can even wee in!). 

We're going to do some step by step instructions on how to wear your dick in the coming weeks, so stay clued in with our newsletter for some calamitous videos and some sweet reviews!

Stay groovy, 

Agnes & Edie xx

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