Why Do We Bind?

I always found button up shirts, t-shirts, and dresses really hard to wear with my (really very large) chest. Not to mention jumpers, sweaters, swim togs, gym clothes....

I'm just not a fan of tatas on me. Love them on other people, but even when I dress femme they don't feel quite right. As a kid I got boobs super early. Suuuuuper early. I was rocking the cotton and elastic crop top from the Silverdale Bendon outlet from 10 years old. And when they came in - they were enormous. At their biggest they would have been a 12 FF, even pushing a G. 

Couple this with an (ongoing) sexual and gender identity query, add adolescence, and I was one unhappy wee bunny. I wore so many bras and crop tops together (before I even knew what binding was) that I was often struggling to breathe, experiencing intense back pain, and have deviated the natural development of my rib cage. In case you're wondering, they now flare out at the bottom of my sternum like a ski jump at the winter olympics. Fast forward too many decades and I'm still uncomfortable with my breast tissue. I identify as non-binary, and have been experiencing ongoing bouts of dysphoria in regards to my chest. To combat this throughout the years I had been binding with sports bras and compression tops, and trying a couple of techniques I would never recommend. 

This recollection of events is glaringly similar to so many in the community, including those who choose not to, or are unable to get top surgery. A quality binder will give you enough flattening to minimise the 'breast-effect', and let you feel comfortable wearing clothes that make you feel good! If you're going to bind - make sure you fit yourself, or better yet - get fitted, for a decent binder or hefty sports bra. Sports bras aren't great, but they're a darn site better than injuring yourself through using bandages or tape. 

As we progress through the next few years as Agnes & Edie we will be prototyping and manufacturing our own New Zealand made binders. We even plan to offer a custom fit service for the brands we currently stock - so please get in touch as demand will push our a's into g!

We're so excited to be offering such a wide range of awesome stuff for you, and are always keen for more suggestions of what you'd like to see in our store. 

See you soon, 

Agnes & Edie xx
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