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We're Making Binders!

About us

Agnes & Edie is an Aotearoa based store selling gender affirming products, rad Pride merch, and books through our new super snazzy Queer bookstore.

Our binder collection has grown since 2019 and now we're ready to make our own! We've always wanted to create and manufacture binders locally, and we're taking the next step in pattern making, grading, and sourcing eco friendly fabrics for our community at home. 

What is binding?

Binding is the flattening of the chest tissue through the use of a compression garment, taping, or bandages. Binding is used to create a flatter chest and to ensure clothes fit true to form when wearing t shirts or suits. When done correctly binding helps reduce the body dysphoria that trans men and non binary people can experience with having chest tissue. 

Is binding safe?

Binding is very safe when done correctly. Health professionals recommend using a specific binding garment, not bandages or tape, and wearing for no longer than 8 - 10 hours at a time. 

Why make binders?

We stock quality binders from overseas Queer-run manufacturers (and will continue to do so), however the cost of bringing these items in can often be prohibitive for members of our community to access. By keeping manufacturing of our binders in Aotearoa, we are part of the process from start to finish. This means that costs associated with manufacturing stay in NZ, as well as us being right there to ensure quality, ethical production, and to minimise the effect on the environment through international shipping. By removing international shipping costs we also aim to keep the price of our binders down, meaning greater accessibility for everyone in the community. 

What's next?

We're fundraising with our Trans Liberation tees, caps, and totes with 100% of proceeds going towards costs associated with the initial design and production of our NZ made binders. This means we are able to fund initial production in full, rather than taking months at a time to ensure we have enough funds from start to finish. This will speed up the development of our binders, meaning they'll be in your hot little hands sooner rather than later! There's a few zeros involved in this process, so grab some fundraising merch today on our pre-sale website to kick things off!

All orders will be produced and shipped from our printing partner once our pre-sale closes. 

Link for rad trans fundraising gear!

Rather donate directly? Head to our Community Fund


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