Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-3XSmall-White-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-3XSmall-Black-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-Agnes & Edie
Half Tank Binder-Thread Damage-Agnes & Edie
Thread Damage

Half Tank Binder

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Here's what the makers of B.I.N.D.e.r have to say:

Materials: Twotone, mesh, hypoallergenic, machine washable, cotton, powermesh, non toxic, dryer friendly, woven elastic, Black, breathable, tank top

The Thread Damage B.I.N.D.e.r. is a new form of binder that is made to be functional, and comfortable like a second skin, but also cool enough to stand on its own as a tank-top or half-tank. 
Each B.I.N.D.e.r. is reversible with hidden seams/French seams so there is no excess bulk. The original B.I.N.D.e.r. feature heavy duty straps for a comfortable secure fit. This B.I.N.D.e.r. gives even support all the way around your body. 
Making sure the wearer is comfortable and affirmed is key to a good B.I.N.D.e.r. thats why I have worked personally with members of the community and listened what they have to say about binders, to create the best product possible. 
•Add support to the binder encircling each shoulder from under the arm along the outside of the chest.
•You should be able to slip a finger comfortably between your shoulder and strap. 
•If binder straps dig into you then the binder is too small or you may need a strap length that provides better support.
•Straps should be comfortable and stay in place.

Main: The body of the B.I.N.D.e.r. should give even support all the way around your body.
•Front: provides the primary support, 
•Back: Power mesh.
•You should be able to run a finger snugly under the binder but feel comfortable when you’re seated.
•The body of the B.I.N.D.e.r. should do most of the work.

Sizing details
How to measure:
You’ll need a sports bra or nothing, as the chest should lay at the midpoint between your shoulders and elbows.

1. Chest: Using a soft measuring tape wrap the tape snug around your chest at the fullest point.

2 Under Chest: Measure around your rib cage, directly under your bust.

Breathe out.
Be careful to keep the tape level to the ground from front to back.

Custom Measurements:
Take a snug measurement across the fullest of your chest from Armpit to armpit.

Lean to one side to find your natural crease, measure from the armpit to your natural crease

What to look for:
Binder is too small:
•If there is pulling, pinching, or chaffing (especially under the arms) the binder is too small.
•If the binder is too tight when standing or sitting, it’s too small and can damage the rib cage. Binder is too big:
•If the binder puckers in the front you may have a binder that is too big and may need a binder with less coverage. 
•If it’s riding up in the front or back the binder is too loose.

How to measure

For our chest binders we need you to measure your torso as accurately as possible. We use centimetres, however this conversion calculator will provide measurements in inches as well. If you're in between sizes we recommend sizing up until you are used to binding regularly, and to reduce the possibility of discomfort or injury. 

Above the chest

From the corner of the armpit above the chest across to the other side. Make sure you're not tight under the armpits to ensure there is enough room between your binder and that super soft skin under your arms.  

At the widest part of the chest

Standing straight and breathing normally, measure from the widest part across the nipples. Resist the urge to measure tightly so we can be sure the sizing is accurate and not too tight!

Under the chest

From the edge of the tissue underneath the chest. This should be the narrowest part above your waist. 


Bandeau, half, and tank binders can serve different purposes depending on your needs. For those with a larger chest circumference we suggest starting with a half binder, or seeing if a full tank will provide more all-round support. Our full tank binders are supportive from top to bottom, creating a streamlined torso, and producing a more "masculine" effect.  

Things to consider

Can you breathe? Whilst there is the temptation to size down in order to bind more, this will be counterproductive - you'll be so uncomfortable and out of breath you won't be able to wear your binder. You should be able to breathe comfortably and not have any pain when wearing your binder for up to 8 hours. We recommend wearing your binder for a maximum of 10 hours per day, and giving your body a day off wherever possible. 

If you are in pain whilst wearing your binder then remove it immediately - pain is your body's way of telling you something is not working. We want you to be comfortable, not injured! Please don't bind overnight, and we recommend giving your body a break when you are sick or under the weather.