Gender Gems

Pride Vision Stickers

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Show your pride and keep a third eye out with this Pride Vision sticker! These stickers feature a crystal in the trans & rainbow flag colours in the centre of a mystical eye. Eyes represent everything from clairvoyance, omniscience, and vigilance, to honesty, truth, and confidence. Allow your confident inner self to gaze back outward at the world and represent who you are through this crystal eye talisman. Perfect for notebooks, water bottles, bicycles, lockers, or whatever else needs a touch of pride and magic in your life!

These stickers are printed on holographic material with a shimmery rainbow effect. They adhere well to the majority of surfaces, but may fade if exposed to prolonged sunlight.


• material: metallic adhesive sticker
• dimensions: 3” x 2.6” (76 x 67mm)

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