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How To Use Packer Dust

How To Use Packer Dust

Whether you’re new to packing or an deft old hand - you’ll know how packers and STPs can stick to everything. Unless you want to collect bits of fluff, dirt, you, or remnants of glitter, then you’ll definitely want to grab yourself a pot or two of packer dust. 

Packer dust extends the life of your packer or STP, and leaves it feeling silky smooth. A lack of friction or sticking to your inner bits means your packer is less likely to tear or have rub marks, and will be far more comfortable for you to wear. If you’re active and during the summer you may need to reapply dust throughout the day to keep things… fresh. 

First of all, make sure you clean your packer regularly with some mild soap and water. Some people take theirs into the shower with them for an all in one clean up. If your packer is made of 100% silicone then you can boil it for a few minutes and it’ll be clean as a whistle.  

Make sure to let your packer or STP dry completely before touching it or using any packer dust - dish racks or a wire muffin cooler are a no fuss way to make sure they’re not touching anything stickable!

There’s a couple of different ways to apply packer dust, which can be a bit messy until you get the hang of things:

  • Using a sandwich or plastic bag (the shake-n-bake method)
  • Applying it with your hand
  • Sprinkling over a sink
  • Dusting with a makeup brush

    Shake n Bake

    Pop about a teaspoon of packer dust into a plastic or sandwich bag, and place your packer in once it's nice and dry. Make sure you create a seal (either ziplock the bag or tie a strong knot) and shake it like a polaroid picture. You might need to use your fingers to push packer dust into any nooks and crannies that get missed by the shaking motion. 

    Hand Application

    For hand applying dust, we recommend using a small amount in the palm of your hand and rubbing the dust all over the packer. This is best done over a sink or somewhere where you don't mind a cloud of puff getting absolutely everywhere.


    If you've got a larger packer this can be great for creating an all over coverage before using your fingers or the palm of your hand to spread the rest of the dust all over your packer. This can be a bit messy so make sure you're in an easy to clean area that is well ventilated.

    Makeup Brush

    This idea is a bit genius and is great for if you've got longer nails or find our other methods a little tricky. Simply dab your brush in a pot of dust, tap against the side to remove any excess, and paint away like you're Michelangelo and your packer is the Sistine Chapel.

    We suggest trying a range of methods until you find the right one for you - just remember a little dust goes a long way, and it’s better to add more rather than apply too much! Make sure the packer dust is spread evenly over your packer, then shake your packer off to remove any excess dust, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

    Shop our range of packers & STP here, and don’t forget your packer dust! Comment below and let us know how you take care of your packers and STPs.

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