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Who are we?

Agnes & Edie was founded by Margot, a nonbinary 30-something living in the Central Plateau after searching high and low for a NZ-made binder and finding nothing suitable. After seeing the high postage prices and unsustainability of singular buying of overseas binders, Margot began importing binders, packers, and gaffs from suppliers. All of Agnes & Edie's gender affirming wear is sold as close to cost-price as possible to minimise financial barriers to sourcing gender affirming products for the New Zealand queer community. 

We currently contract work entirely to members of the community, and are an expanding collection of queers who want to provide a local, safe, and informative space for gender affirming practices. We've experienced it all, from too-tight binding resulting in rib deviation, to having a packer snake down the leg of your jeans when you're strutting down the street. We've likely seen it all as well as heard it all, and are happy to answer any questions - no matter how big or small!

Where are we?

We're currently North Island based in New Zealand, and we are excited to be growing to Auckland, Wellington and beyond!. We'd love to hear from anyone in Australia & the United Kingdom, and are looking forward to offering further international shipping in the coming months. 

Why are we?

Margot wanted to create an Aotearoa run and owned one-stop-shop for gender affirming and queer-centric products. Agnes & Edie is a boutique store for queers run by queers. We also understand and value the importance of being able to try products on, feel them in your hands, and have accessible help nearby. 

We've tried (almost) all the products on the market and designed and stocked a diverse range of gender affirming gear especially for you. We want you to feel confident that your purchase is of the highest calibre and ethically sustainable, and we are proud to support quality brands through our stores.

We also donate a significant portion of sales to charity - something we are committed to continuing to give back to our community. To donate to our Community Fund, click here to see who we donate to and how much we've donated since opening in 2019.

If there's anything you'd like us to consider stocking please get in touch. 

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