Gender Bender Binder Reviews!

Binders Review

We were fortunate enough to have some wonderful volunteers put their hands up to review some of the products we have in store. We will be collating and releasing these product by product - so stay tuned! As always we would love some more reviewers to help others in the community who aren't able to try before they buy. 

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All About Pronouns

Pronouns are super important to get right, and although it can take a while to get someone's pronouns down pat, the effort is worth the comfort and acceptance of all involved. If you intentionally misgender someone to make a point or when you're angry at them then you are, in fact, a prick. 

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Intersex Awareness

Intersex Queer Bodies

Approximately 1.7% of the population is IntersexIntersex is a generally descriptive term that identifies people whose reproductive anatomy, chromosomes, or hormones don't fit a binary characteristic. 

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Community Queer Bodies

With the recent launch of the Weight Watchers app for children (don’t even get us started on how fucked up that is) and our journey locating inclusive stock for our clothing collection, we thought it prudent to write a wee blog on the matter! 

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Winter Pride!

Event Pride

Welcome to our regular journal! On the last day of each month we will be posting to our journal & more!

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