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Cool Hot Queers To Follow Right Now

Cool Hot Queers To Follow Right Now


Wading through the mire of social media can seem like a bottomless pit sometimes - but fear not! 

We've created a list of some of the coolest peeps in the LGBTQAI+ community who we follow, who we think you should follow, and who are generally just super neat. 

Alok V Menon (@alokvmenon)

Alok (They/Them) is a writer, performer, and fashion icon. Alok identifies as transfeminine and nonbinary, and challenges traditional ideas of femininity through their work. 

Aaron Philip (aaron__philip)

Aaron (She/Her) is a trans, disabled model and activist, and uses her social media to call out traditional agencies' lack of diversity and inclusion. 


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watching me is like watching a fire

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Vivek Shraya (@vivekshraya)

Vivek (She/Her) is a trans writer, musician, and activist. Her book  "I'm Afraid of Men" addresses toxic masculinity in Western culture, and how it has impacted her as a trans queer woman of colour. 

Umber Ghauri (@umberghauri)

Umber (They/Daddy) is a nonbinary makeup artist making waves in the UK with their bold looks, inclusive beliefs, and promotion of QPOC brands. 

Lillian Lennon (@mslillianlennon)

Lillian (She/Her) is a trans woman taking on the bathroom bill in the US. Using her platform she organises protest events, trans education, and awareness campaigns.

Janet Mock (@janetmock)

Janet (She/Her) is a trans director, writer, and activist for the trans and queer community. 

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Kenny Ethan Jones (@kennyethanjones)

Kenny (He/Him) is a trans activist and model, and was part of a campaign drawing awareness to non-women's experiences of menstruation. 

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Tis the season to be jolly 🎄❤️

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Leyna Bloom (@leynabloom)

Leyna (She/Her) is a transgender model, dancer, activist, and actress. 

Shay Neary (@watchshayslay)

Shay (She/Her) is a trans plus size activist, model and writer living in New York. 

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You wear clothing, it doesn’t wear you... . 📸: @lydiahudgens . Pants aren’t something I’m drawn to. In the last couple years, I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with more unisex clothing. Which has been trivial, to say the least. . On my gender spectrum, I would be considered moderately feminine. I would always favor a gown over some jeans, or some heels over sneakers. But what really defines what is feminine or masculine? . These pants, like most, aren’t my favorite. They don’t really flatter my shape. They remind me of oversized men’s basketball shorts. Plus they flatten my ass, which based on its sheer mass, is a complicated job for sure. 😏 . But what I love about experimenting with different styles, is the feeling of taking me out of my comfort zone. The bodysuit I wore under this was so comfortable, I’ve worn it four times since. Something I wouldn’t necessarily grab of a rack while shopping. . The clothing doesn’t define my femininity. It isn’t a placeholder for my gender. It’s just about what I’m most comfortable in. Who doesn’t love comfort? . The clothing is just that, Comfort. Your personal style is just an accumulation of material things you have collected. Over time; that changes. Your style and comfort evolve. You’re willing to push boundaries, or remain with the classics. . Experiment. Find what you like. Don’t be afraid that something might look unflattering. Be brave, and test your style. See what you can create. Frankly, don’t give a damn. . #premmeirl #bigboldbeautifulyou #transmodel #trans #lgbtq #oneofthem #intomore #plusmodel #plussizefashion #bbw #style #fashion #experiment #transgender #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #shayneary #model #fashionstyle #fat #fatfashion #curvygirl

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Coven Arts Collective (

A multi-disciplinary queer arts group based in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), this team throw incredible balls (most recently at the Winter Gardens), and have a full Pride calendar link on their page. 

Devin Michael Lowe (@devinmichaellowe)

Devin (He/Him) is a trans activist who is redefining masculinity through social deconstruction and radical softness.

Sarita (@roti.gurl)

Sarita (They/Them) is a genderfluid art maker, drag king, actor, event planner, and somatic sex educator. They've starred in Live Is Easy webseries, and launched the first ever queer strip club event in Aotearoa. 

Andreja Pejic (@andrejapejic)

Andreja (She/Her) is a trans model and social activist.

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In reality one of these pictures was supposed to be on the cover of @elle_russia which is why I spent my own money flying myself to London to shoot all this taking into account what a beautiful and in some ways important moment that could have been. They’ve broken our agreement and decided to take me off the cover without even informing me or providing an explanation before the issue’s release which I think is extremely rude and ironic considering the theme of their last issue was supposedly anti-censorship? This kind of stuff makes it very difficult for me to step onto a photoshoot. I don’t think it’s too out of reason to say the effect I’ve had on fashion is significant but I guess its not enough for most people at the top of it to treat me with basic respect? Maybe that’ll change one day, maybe it won’t but I’m certainly not shedding anymore tears over it. However I still think a good model will always be a good model, a good picture will always last, a great film is still a great film and a good artist will always endure and make a REAL mark. No amount of bigotry or nepotism or marketing crap or conglomerate-profit-driven crap or narrow minded uncreative “gatekeepers” can change that. If you are a creative individual please stay true to yourself and your principles and work rather then lowering yourself to fit THEIR low standards which they always try to blame on “the public” or on something trivial but it’s THEY who might want to take a good look in the mirror. It’s THEIR elitism, lack of vision and basic intellect that is hurting the arts which actually exist not to make rich people look good but to enlighten and nurture all of humanity. I hope you enjoy these pics (swipe left) and please stay in the love, there’s honestly no need for anything else. Photo by @dunan Hair by @bjornkrischker Makeup by @adamdecruz

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Tiq Milan (themrmilan)

Tiq (He/Him) is a trans activist, writer, poet and performer. 

Eli Erlick (@elierlik)

Eli (She/Her) is a trans activist, speaker, and organiser. 

Chella Man (@chellaman)

Chella (He/Him) is a deaf trans activist who uses his social media as a platform to action change.  

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end of the decade beginning of the decade

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Ericka Hart (@iamherickahart)

Ericka (She/Her) is a sex educator, race/social/gender disrupter, writer, and model. 

Travis Alabanza (@travisalabanza)

Travis (They/Them) is a transfeminine, gender nonconforming performer, artist, and writer challenging the narratives around femininity and homophobia. 

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“ I grew up here. This is my hometown. Old Vic was the theatre I always dreamed of being in, and never thought I could be. I have SO many feelings about this show coming to Bristol. My mum and best friends are coming, old teachers, old exes, people who helped shape me, people who put up with me when I wasn’t such an easy kid… when I heard that Old Vic said they wanted my show, then when I heard we had to add more tickets due to it selling out so quick, I had a little emotional moment. So much of Bristol holds so many of my memories and dreams and ambitions. It was such a vibrant, hard, interesting place to grow up in, and to do a show where you grew up, where you can walk round and bump into people who knew you 10 or 15 years ago – it means something. I’m excited.....” . . Ahead of Burgerz opening at @bristololdvic1766 tomorrow until Saturday, I chatted with @rifemag about the show, being in my hometown and burgerz. Full interview in stories, snap up those last added Bristol tickets now b4 they all go! . Photo: @didudietho Styling: @miamaxwelll

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Jamie Windust (@jamie_windust)

Jamie (They/Them) is a trans/nonbinary model, activist, and journalist. Their feed is full of beautiful colours, incredible makeup, and updates on their important work for the LGBTQAI+ community in the UK.  

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big january mood

A post shared by JAMIE WINDUST (@jamie_windust) on T

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