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What is binding?

Binding is the flattening of the chest tissue through the use of a compression garment, taping, or bandages. Binding is used to create a flatter chest and to ensure clothes fit true to form when wearing t shirts or suits. When done correctly binding is a way to help reduce the body dysphoria that trans men and non binary people  can experience with having chest tissue. 

Can binding be dangerous?

Binding is perfectly safe when done correctly. Health professionals recommend using a specific binding garment, not bandages, and wearing for no longer than 8 - 10 hours at a time. We also recommend giving yourself a "day off" wherever possible to avoid injury. It is imperative to choose a quality binder that fits correctly to ensure no long term issues develop. 

How do I look after my binder?

We recommend washing your binder by hand in cold water, or on a delicate machine wash. A clean binder is a healthy binder, however they will show more wear and tear the more they are washed. We advise washing binders when they have been sweated or exercised in, or if they no longer pass the "whiff" test. Binders are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow, so hygiene is paramount. 

What is packing?

Packing is having an item in your pants or underwear which gives the impression of a penis bulge. Packing can be done in a variety of ways - from padded briefs to flaccid or semi-hard dildos. Packing is a way for trans men and gender-nonconforming people to feel more comfortable in their presentation. Packing is also used by others in the queer community for a variety of affirmative reasons.

What is tucking?

Tucking is when genitals are placed behind the legs so they cannot be seen from the front. This also gives a flat appearance from side on. Tucking is used by those with an "outie' who wish to reduce the appearance of their genitals, and aids in the aesthetic desired when wearing skirts, dresses, and pants. 

Does everyone pack, tuck or bind?

Not everyone chooses to tuck, pack, or bind, and it is up to each individual to best realise their personal needs. Some people choose as they go, and for others it is a part of their daily routine. People do report the above as having a positive impact on their emotional wellbeing and reduction of dysphoria. 


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