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Cyclone STP Reviews!

Cyclone STP Reviews!

We were fortunate enough to have some wonderful volunteers put their hands up to review some of the products we have in store. We will be collating and releasing these product by product - so stay tuned! As always we would love some more reviewers to help others in the community who aren't able to try before they buy. We value your input for products we would like to continue to stock that you enjoy!

The Cyclone STP is one of our entry level STP's available. Made by TranzWear, the Cyclone has a funnel fed through a Mr Limpy packer so you can pack and pee. The Cyclone was a new STP for us, so rather than give you our personal opinion, we thought we would let members of the community tell us their thoughts. 

Stephen, America

Jayden, Australia

I had the honor and Opportunity for the Cyclone STP to be sent out to me from the amazing team over at Agnes and Edie!

The Cyclone is an STP (Stand To Pee device) made from a Mr Limpy packer that has been customised into an STP by the great people over at Tranzwear. An STP is a device which gives people the ability to stand up and take a leak. These products also help with alleviating dysphoria when it comes to going to the bathroom for trans guys in particular or anyone else who wishes to use one.I have had my eye on the cyclone STP for a couple of weeks before Anges and Edie reached out. The reason why i had my eye on this was because of its low price, as someone who is on a low budget when a lot of STPs are unfortunately way out of my price range, I think we can all agree that being trans is EXPENSIVE! Another reason why i had my eye on the cyclone is because it is a Mr Limpy product which i am a fan of and use daily.

The packaging for the cyclone of is very discreet but the box was difficult to open i think that was more of a personal thing due to my lack of muscles (working on that) so my advice would be to use a knife instead of trying to rip it open. Now once you opened the package be warned your STP is covered in packing dust which is does say on the back of the bag that it comes in and can easily be washed off in the sink. Now for someone who has never used an STP before it was hard to get the hang of it first, which is totally normal for anyone who hasn't tried something before, it took me a couple of weeks from practicing at home in my shower and my own toilet trying to find the right angle.

Warning for those of you who are in the same boat learning how to pee standing up is a  MESSY process you will get some pee on yourself there's no doubt about that, the best advice I can give you is to start practicing in your shower! then move on to the toilet. Also another tip for when you move on to the toilet is to remove your bottom layers of clothing beforehand as well so they don't get messy either and slowly work your way up to the public bathroom if that is something you wish to do.

Packing with this device was a challenge at first because of funnel and tube being digging to my skin but after trying a different angles whilst using a joey it is doable but is it not the most comfortable.However the device is not created to be and stp that you can pack with but if you can deal with a little discomfort it is manageable.

I would recommend this product for those of you who are like me on a low budget, however if you have the cash i would recommend you buy something a little better. Overall this is a GOOD product and is a great first stp for the price you pay. If I could make any adjustments to this product i would make the funnel slightly wider and longer.

Once again thank you to the team over at Agnes and Edie for sending me this product!

Spencer, Australia

The anatomy of a transguy can vary quite substantially, so choosing an STP can be tough. I've spent a couple of weeks with the Cyclone STP so far and as a fairly budget-friendly option it's pretty good, with plenty of scope for making it your own.

The Cyclone is hand made using a Mr Limpy as the packing 'base', and from that perspective it's great. I'm a longtime fan of Mr Limpy, and so this is definitely one of the most comfortable STPs I've tried. The firm tubing that has been installed gave it a pleasing heft and bulk in my underwear and the receptacle also sits quite comfortably.

It's worth taking a bit of time to adjust the tubing. Straight out of the packet I had to give it a good wash to get rid of the existing packer dust, and I redusted it with cornflour (my preference). The instructions advise that a drop of liquid soap at either end of the tube will assist with adjustment and I would suggest being a little more liberal; as with all penii & testes, it's best managed with a firm but gentle hand! I ended up trimming about 1/2" of tubing, and letting the tip of the tube hide just inside the end of the Limpy - I found this most comfortable and most aesthetically pleasing.

I was initially really pleased with the flexible receptacle and had absolutely zero trouble using it in tests while naked. I had a couple of days at work that didn't go quite so well and I had a bit of backflow or leakage. I'm still not sure if this was because my bladder was too full, I was nervous after having a false start or because the section where the receptacle connects to the hose doesn't seem to have a great seal. (I'm not sure if this was just the STP I had or if they are all the same, but I did have a little trouble with moisture between the layers – this is a problem given the packer needs dusting!)

For me the Cyclone doesn't pass the urinal test, for two reasons. Firstly, I found that I needed to pull my pants and underwear down to mid-thigh to be confident - this may improve with practice and will also vary with individual anatomy. Secondly, I found that I needed two hands to use it - one to hold the receptacle in the right spot and one to hold the Limpy. Again, this may vary with different anatomy, so if you don't have these issues then it would likely pass the glance test.

Whilst I had some trouble with the Cyclone, I'd still recommend it as a good budget or starter STP and I plan to keep using it. 



Packs nicely

Not a great seal – potential for moisture retention or backflow

Great price

Needs two hands & underwear down to use

Handmade by friendly queers

Unlikely to have a long life expectancy

Aden, Wellington

I received the Cyclone STP, 5 inch in beige to review - here are my thoughts:

I had the package delivered to my old flat full of extremely religious people and they didn’t suspect anything, so I’d say that the delivery was pretty well discreet. The packaging was secure and I was happy with how I received it. My honest first impression when I opened the package consisted of me being slightly confused by the long tubing which protruded from the STP, however, once reading the instructions inside that said you can cut the tubing to fit your needs it made more sense. The actual prosthetic itself is somewhat realistic.

I chose to review this specific item as I had never used an STP before so I know the struggles of not knowing what to get. I chose this prosthetic over another one as it seemed more realistic. 

The best features of this product would have to be the realistic sensation in size of packing, it felt comfortable, although because of the tubing inside it stays semi-erect. I felt like I could get around this issue if I packed carefully and placed it more down in between my legs. 

In regards to what could be changed on this product, the cup that you pee into could be bigger as it overflows quickly and creates splashback. Essentially you need to pee really slowly in order to not get it all over yourself and to have a comfortable peeing situation. I would also recommend in the packaging, having the instructions on the outside (maybe on a sticker) of the clear plastic bag it comes in rather than inside the bag. This is because for me personally, opening my first STP package was extremely exciting and I read what was on the outside and then opened it and went straight for the prosthetic, rather than reading the instructions paper inside. This was an issue because it made me confused about the tubing and I tried to move the prosthetic slightly off it without any hand sanitizer (which was recommended in the instructions) and almost damaged it. 

In the future, I will continue to use it as a packer but won’t use it as an STP, as due to the overflowing situation I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it in public/urinals. I was a little bit disappointed as I wanted to use an STP for so long to get that euphoric feeling from peeing standing up but I didn’t get to experience that as I was too busy concentrating on avoiding peeing on myself. 

As it was my first time using an STP I cannot compare it to anything else - the prosthetic itself is a Mr Limpy packer which I have used one before and is fantastic. I am sure that with lots of practice peeing extremely slowly, others could benefit from this product! It is definitely a beginner product and could be good for things like camping, but I wouldn’t recommend using it in a public urinal unless you can pee very very slowly to avoid peeing down your leg.

Ashley, America

I was asked to review a STP, I was ecstatic! I had never used one before but always wanted to try, so I jumped at this opportunity. I spent weeks and a multi city trip with the TranZwear STP and this is my review.

The packaging was safe, simple and discreet with some cute company labeled tissue paper. Upon opening there was a plastic bag with the STP and it was caked in a cyber packer dust, this told me 2 things from my experience with packers; 1) powder is a must and 2) IT WILL GET TACKY. We will come back to that. Unpack over trash or sink, I made the mistake of doing on couch on top of my blanket and the powder was everywhere. I got to the sink and gave it a good wash so I could see what we were working with. The STP consisted of an unbendable 5/8-inch clear hard plastic tubing with a very tearable medium Playtex cone they call a Cyclone type attached to it by a tiny screw and some shrink tubing in which they hoped to prevent leakage. This was all inside a 5-inch Mr. Limpy packer. The Packer was nicely designed and very realistic.

My First thoughts after inspection was that this was probably going to be difficult. First question – how do we pack with this? I never found a comfortable way or what to wear it in, I usually use a cock sock or tighter boxer briefs, because the tubing was so stiff and had absolutely no play you kept a 5 inch boner, then there was the issue of the protruding cup.

My next challenge was presented after wearing awhile. I am muscular to stocky, always battling the leg holes of my underwear of choice due to my large thighs, I also burn hot at my core which means the STP was constantly in a hot zone. The STP has that gel like real skin feel yet with my heat, it tacked up, I tried powder, still not for long active wear. And longer hair tends to stick to it. The use of powder can slightly help but for me and my biology that introduced to heat and thighs that rub start to break down my skin, the STP and cause issues down below.

Finally, the Pee challenge. I have great Kegel control and control and stop my stream with ease, but I am so happy I jumped I the shower to practice lol. To need to strip every time u have to pee is a pain, but better safe than sorry and practice, practice, practice. I had so much trouble with this part first positioning of the STP, the had inflexible tubing made u hold it at silly angles, the there was the little cone. It was a mess each and every time for me. Bigger guys ad guys with thighs the cone is definitely not for us lol you have to literally hold the unit under you pointed straight down, u pee on yourself, try to adjust the unit and u get leakage, over flowing of the cone is also an issue even controlling your stream it fills up fast.

In the end as excited as I was to try a STP this one defiantly deflated my bubble. A cone type unit is defiantly not for me due to heat, thick thighs, body build and the design of the STP. I think if the tubing was more flexible and the packer was a firmer material to prevent the heat from gelling it, they would have a better product. The cyclone/cone itself definitely needs a better design. I cannot see myself using this outside of the house anymore, due to the difficulty of use and leakage issues it would not be good. This is definitely one that is not for me. 

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