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How To Use An STP

How To Use An STP

Standing to pee - it can be a bit of a learning curve but WOW - when you get it you'll feel like a new man!

What is an STP?

An STP is a packer (or pStyle type device) with a hole in the centre that allows wee to come through while standing up. STPs are used for a variety of reasons, including gender affirming practice, for safety using gendered bathrooms for trans men and nonbinary people, and to get in and out when you need to pee!

STPs have come a long way since their inception, and technology really is a beautiful thing in the development of beautiful dicks that you can pee out of. 

What kinds of STP are there?

Some STPs are used to pack and pee, some are only for whipping out when you need to wee, and some are used for packing, peeing, AND playing. We recommend starting with one of our entry level STPs to get the hang of it, and moving up to the more realistic and longer-wearing STPs when you are comfortable and confident using them outside of your home. 

STPs are generally packers made out of Cyberskin or silicone (more information about them here in our packing how-to) with either an insert or a channel that allows urine to pass through and into the toilet. STPs can come in varying levels of realism, with some coming with incredible detail and testicles that move, and others being a simple phallic shape.

How do I use my STP?

We strongly recommend giving this a try in the shower until you've got the hang of where things go and how it all works. This is great for hygiene AND for giving your STP a good clean after use. 

  1. Place the STP over your genitals where the seal contains your urethra without leaving a gap at the bottom - this is how spills happen. If you're wearing a harness this means all you need to do is ensure there's a tight seal while the harness keeps your STP in place. 

  2. Start with a very gentle and small flow to make sure you've got a full seal. Some STPs only have narrow channels which means a full flow might not be possible. Make sure you're aiming in the right direction!

  3. Once you've finished, give your STP a good ol shake just like a bio willy and dry the tip with toilet paper to avoid any dribbles. 

  4. We find giving your STP a midday freshen under the tap works wonders for staying clean and dry, so try what works best for you throughout the day. 

Make sure you give yourself lots of time to practice and patience - it takes everyone with a willy a while to figure out how to use it!

How do I clean my STP?

Every day you use your STP you will need to wash it with soap and water (we recommend in the shower with your bod!) to ensure there is no risk of infection or smell. 

If you're using a pack-pee-play model please, please ensure you have washed your STP prior to play use - this is incredibly important for the health and safety of everyone involved. 

Before your STP goes to bed you can sprinkle a little packer dust around the inside and outside to draw out any missed residue and to leave it fresh as a daisy for the morning. 


Happy peeing everyone x

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Thank you for this guide. I was hoping to find tips about clothing/using STPs discreetly at urinals, maybe even for shorter trans guys like myself (who still utilize the youth’s clothes section). I might just be going about it wrong but…boy, zippers sometimes just don’t come down far enough for physics to naturally help me out! Thank you for this intro, regardless. It was a great refresher.

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