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How To Pack

How To Pack

There are many ways to pack, so we've listed a few ways to make this a little easier for you! People pack for a variety of reasons, and they include trans men, nonbinary people, genderqueer folks and even cis people who want a bit of oomph in their undies - the possibilities with packing are endless!

What is a packer?

A packer can be made of lots of things! Some people pack with socks, an EZ Bulge, a silicone or Cyberskin packer, or a 3-in-one STP. A packer is placed down the front of your underwear (either inside or outside, or in a jock pocket), harness, or pouch. 

Cyberskin (Mr Limpy, Sailor, Packer Gear) packers are super soft and comfortable to wear. These are our entry level packers and a great place to start when choosing what fit and size packer works for you. 

Silicone (NYTC, Emisil, PeeCock) packers are hypoallergenic and a bit more hefty and long lasting than their Cyberskin counterparts - but they're worth the upgrade. These packers are also more realistic, with both circumcised and non-circumcised options available. 

How to use a packer

  1. Make sure your packer is clean and dry, with a little sprinkling of packer dust if you're using a Cyberskin or new packer. 

  2. Place your packer in your holder of choice - whether you're using packing underwear, a harness, a pouch, or freeballing in your knickers! Make sure its secure before putting on your harness or firmly in your pouch or underwear. Some people find it easier to do this once your undies or harness are on - whatever works for you is best!

  3. Dusting some packer dust around the inside of your thighs and around where the packer comes into contact with your body can be a good idea when you first start using it to get an idea of comfort levels for yourself, as well as providing a bit of buffering during summer or sporting events. 

  4. Test out a few different ways you will be walking around with in your packer - jump around, do some hip swirls, and perhaps go for a cheeky jog to make sure you're secure before you leave the house. 

You might have a different packing arrangement for different events, for example using a harness during sports and packing underwear or a jock pouch for day to day wear. 

What size should I get?

This is a super individual choice! Comfort and manoeuvrability are a big thing when choosing a packer, and bigger isn't always better. Our most popular sizes are under 5 inches! 

Sometimes (especially on petite bodies) a larger packer could look out of place. If you're taller or broader, a bigger packer may fit in better with your proportions. 

You can make your bulge look bigger simply through positioning if you'd like a dynamic way of packing. Simply position your packer higher on your pelvic bone for it to stick out more, or leave it lower if you fancy a more incognito wear. 

How to look after your packer

Packers are close to some pretty important bits, so they need to be kept clean and looked after regularly. For 100% silicone packers a quick boil of no more than 5 minutes will completely sterilize your packer for future use - a great idea if it gets sweaty often! Cyberskin packers can be washed with soap and warm water, and afterwards air dry them before sprinkling them with a little dust to make sure you don't collect little fluffs or bits of yourself! 

We've got a guide here on how to use packer dust - it's easy once you get the hang of it. 


We hope this helps - let us know how you wear your packer!

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