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Original Plumbing is the theme-based print publication dedicated to trans male culture created by Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos. OP was published for ten years and twenty issues between 2009-2019. We've stocked as many issues of OP as we can, however a finite amount were published worldwide - these are the only copies in Australasia. 

Issue 1: BedroomOriginal Plumbing's inaugural issue was released in Fall 2009. It features Cyd on the cover, photographed in his bedroom in San Francisco. 

Issue 2: HairOriginal Plumbing's 2nd edition was originally released in Winter of 2010. Artist and filmmaker Chris Vargas is on the cover.

Issue 3: Health & Safer SexThe Health & Safer Sex issue features articles on holistic transition approaches, yoga, fitness, steamy locker room truths and surgery shares.

Issue 4: Workin' StiffReleased in Summer 2010, Issue 4 features trans men speaking candidly about careers.

Issue 5: FashionConversations around personal style and fashion alike; featuring interview spreads with high fashion menswear designer of SIR NY, Auston Bjorkman & San Francisco fashion staple, designer, and owner of The Seventh Heart, Jess Cueves.

Issue 6: SchooledConversations about education, school daze and a sexy school boy photo spread featuring archetypes The Nerd, The Jock (Billy Castro), The Band Geek (James Darling), The Stoner, The Metal-Head, The Teachers Pet and The Heart Throb. 


Issue 8: Family This issue isn't just for OP fans, but is also a personal resource for family members of trans children and trans parents looking for community. Some subjects touched on include: Chosen family, solo parenting (& dating) as trans men, being a supportive parent of a transgender teenager in the public school system, foster parenting, grieving the loss of a family member, trans male pregnancy and more.

Issue 9: EntertainmentThis is the largest issue EVER, featuring filmmakers, musicians, comics and artists from the trans male community.

Issue 10: Jock+ Major League Poster Tear-Outs! + Free Jock Photo Sticker by Amos Mac for Visual AIDS!

Issue 11: Hero**SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE*** This 90-page issue of Original Plumbing honors a number of trailblazers who set a precedent for what trans communities are built upon as well as those who continue to create change today. Including a special section celebrating the life of Lou Sullivan, we showcase the FTM International newsletter he launched in 1986 by featuring a spread of their earliest covers through the years, republished for the first time since its initial printing.

Issue 12: PartyHow does creating space on the dance floor of a dark club transfer to community? When -- if ever -- is the Party over? Ever wonder what your favorite go-go boys deepest, darkest secrets are?

Issue 13: AtlantaWelcome to HOTLANTA: Home of sweet tea and SWEET T! Get your trans Southern Charm right here in OP's first ever city-specific issue. We traveled to the Peach State, met up with a ton of trans guys in ATL, took some damn fine photos and heard their stories. Now, we pass the handsomeness on to YOU.

Issue 14: Board StiffCelebrating skateboarders, snowboarders, long boarders, surf boarders... You get it. Gnarly.

Issue 15: SelfieThere's a whole lotta navel gazing going on! And that's okay. We’re living through a very important time: Trans people are being seen in mainstream media more frequently, but how much of what we see is being created through a "trans lens"?

Issue 16: LitFocusing on the written word and featuring some favorites in the current trans literary movement, we highlight the work and careers of trans writers with articles, interviews and excerpts. Including a poetry chapter, publishing tips, how Leslie Feinberg inspired trans writers and much more.

Issue 17: TattooInk, and lots of it! What do your tattoos say about you? This issue focuses on the love of tattoos, highlighting the stories on your skin through brilliant photo essays, personal narratives and interviews. We talk with those who create, cover-up, promote, and are inspired by tattoos – from the stick-n-poke savvy to those who appreciate traditional flash. This issue features writers, artists and models based in Hong Kong, London, Brighton and throughout the United States.

Issue 18: Beyond BathroomsWith discussions around the challenges, laws and activism that go hand in hand with public restroom drama some trans people face daily, we also focus on self-care and love in what sometimes feels like a less-than-friendly time to be trans in the world. 

Issue 19: ArtFocusing on themes around art as activism while touching on fine art and accessibility, artist interviews include topics of art as survival, finding your voice as an artist, and creating your own space in the process. 

Issue 20: IssuesThe final issue of Original Plumbing is here!