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Archer is the world's most inclusive magazine about sexuality, gender and identity. Issue 1: The...

Archer is the world's most inclusive magazine about sexuality, gender and identity.

Issue 1: The First Issue

Archer Magazine's groundbreaking first issue takes a snapshot of Australia's attitudes to sexual diversity in November 2013.

Featuring writing by Christos Tsiolkas (author of international bestseller The Slap) plus 11 other Australian voices, accompanied by contemporary photography from across Australia, Archer is like nothing the Australian media landscape has seen before.

Get onboard.

Issue 2: Winter 2014

The second issue of Australia’s first magazine about sexual diversity is a boundary-breaking curation of Australian writing and contemporary photography.

Novelist Krissy Kneen lifts the lid on sex addiction. LGBTI activist Steven Ross talks about his life as an Aboriginal gay man. Award-winning science journalist John Pickrell discusses evolution and homosexuality. PLUS new writing on polyamory, asexuality and the plight of LGBTI asylum seekers.

Engage with Australia’s most challenging voices and join the debate.

Issue 3: Summer 2015

After a sold-out sophomore edition, Archer's highly-anticipated third issue is packed with more thought-provoking articles on sexuality, gender, identity and society, including:

* Michelle Dicinoski (Ghost Wife, 2013) on masturbation
* Benjamin Law (The Family Law, 2010) on being gay at school
* Nic Holas on Sex on Premises Venues
* Eloise Brook on transgender narratives
* Simon Copland on fetish
* Jax Jacki-Brown on pashing in public
* Carody Culver on fashion and sexuality

Issue 4: The Agency Issue

Why does society assume older people have no sexual identity, desire or need for self-discovery?

Archer's groundbreaking fourth issue challenges this assumption.


* Sex over 70 by Doreen Wendt-Weir
* Gender transition by Sally Conning
* Sex in aged care by Dr Catherine Barrett
* Dance and sexuality by Janet W. Hardy
* Naturism by Sam Twyford-Moore
* Bisexuality and stigma by Sally Goldner
* Q&A with Paulmac
* Homophobia in sport by Gus Johnston
* Disclosure and body diversity by Phoebe Hart

* Flawless Sabrina (Zackary Drucker)
* Women of New York (Katrina Del Mar)

Issue 5: The Culture Issue

"There is a strange combination of terror and freedom I feel when objectified..."

Love affairs with our bodies. The stigma associated with butt sex. How religion impacts sexuality.

Plus, stories of sexuality and gender from Malaysia, China, USA, rural Australia, Zimbabwe and more...

Welcome to Archer Magazine #5.

* Marriage equality by Dennis Altman
* Sex and bodies by Maeve Marsden
* Trans desirability by Simona Castricum
* Butt politics by Dion Kagan
* Sex across cultures by Dr Tinashe Dune
* Bisexual in Western Sydney by Omar Sakr
* Religion and sexuality by Rochelle Siemienowicz
* The coming out process by Kristin Russo
* Queer in rural communities by Gavriil Aleksandrs

* Q&A with Magda Szubanski

* Faces and Phases (Zanele Muholi)
* All Love is Equal (Braden Summers)
* I Miss You Already (Shen Wei)

Issue 6: The She/Hers Issue

* Sex and motherhood by Carly Lorente
* Trans in the public eye by Jordan Raskopouls
* Sexual diversity and Aboriginal cultures by Alison Whittaker
* Pain and sex by Phoebe Paterson de Heer
* Sex and chronic fatigue syndrome by Jenny O'Keefe
* Menstrual sex by Rosanna Stevens
* Lesbian sex myths by Brigitte Lewis
* Q&A with JD Samson

* Butch (Meg Allen)
* The Pink Choice (Maika Elan)
* QPOC fashion showcase

Issue 7: The Non-Binary Issue

"I don’t mind confusion about my gender, but I do resent cisgender people who make that confusion my problem." - Bani Amor

In this groundbreaking edition of Archer Magazine, we curate stories by people who exist outside the gender-binary.

ARCHER MAGAZINE #7 features:

* Q&A with DarkMatter's Alok Vaid-Menon
* Latinx and queer by Mariana Podesta-Diverio
* The Philippines' first transgender lawmaker by Angela Serrano
* Gender and sex work by Devon Wipp
* Gender across generations by Jonno Revanche
* Erotic role-play by Shafik Zahyr
* Transgender in the medical system by Fury
* Inclusive spaces by Laurie Hopkins
* Beyond the binary by Bani Amor
* Coming out is a white narrative by Asiel Adan Sanchez
* Exploring identity through drag by Dani Weber

* Me and Allah by Samra Habib
* Gender as a Spectrum by Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert
* Trans and non-binary fashion

Issue 8: The Spaces Issue

“Nightlife operates as a zone of playful exchange. It’s a space of exposure to difference that can change your take on things, or how you feel about the world. The best nights make new things possible.”

- Kane Race, Archer Magazine #8

Online space. Physical space. Bodily space. Emotional space. This issue has it all.
*Q&A with Alex Lahey
* Sex worker spaces by Tilly Lawless
* Masculinity and the Brown Boi Project by Rathini Kandavel
* Hair and identity by Jaya Keaney
* Queer in detention by Nima
* Saudi Arabia to Australia by Razia Zakarya
* Public sex by Regan Lynch
* BDSM communities by Anna Kingston
* Share houses and The Dirty Habit by Vincent Silk

Issue 9: The Family Issue

"I don’t feel like we need a nuclear family of our own to have people that care for us, and that we care for in fundamental ways."
- Benjamin Law, Archer Magazine #9

Welcome to Archer Magazine issue #9: the FAMILY issue.


* Q&A with Benjamin Law by Angela Serrano
* Porn and sex ed by Zahra Stardust
* Transgender kids by Jo Hirst
* Polyamory by Page Turner
* Aboriginal families by Nayuka Gorrie
* Queercrip communities by Robin M Eames
* Rainbow families by Matilda Douglas-Henry
* Infidelity by Cat McGauran
* HIV and gay men by Dean Beck
* 'Fat Femmes to the Front' shoot by Tanja Bruckner/Archer Magazine

Issue 10: The History Issue

"Intergenerational talk is so important, to remind people that where we’re at now is not where we’ve always been." — Peter Waples-Crowe, Archer Magazine #10

Welcome to Archer Magazine issue #10: the HISTORY issue.

"History goes beyond the sounds and sights memorialised in media and archives. In fact, it's just as much, if not more, about what we don’t see or hear or read about." —Adolfo Aranjuez, editor-in-chief, Archer Magazine

Issue 11: The Gaze Issue

“There’s nothing empowering about one part of you being visible when the rest of you is targeted, shamed and threatened.” — Jacob Thomas, Archer Magazine #11

Welcome to Archer Magazine issue #11: the GAZE issue.

"The notion of the GAZE goes beyond media. It encompasses how we make sense of our bodies through the way other people see us... It’s the way power expresses itself through imbalances in vision control: surveillance, objectification fetishisation, gaslighting, abuse. It’s the way a systemic problem can be minimised when those with influence sweep it under the rug." — Adolfo Aranjuez

Issue 12: The Play Issue

Featuring work by author activist Nevo Zisin, transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey, feminist essayist Elizabeth Flux and indigenous editor Bridget Caldwell, the PLAY issue tackles topics including sex toys, swinging, Mormonism, lingerie, sex work, Aboriginal queer motherhood and being LGBTIQA+ in sport and the world of gaming.

Issue 13: The First Nations Issue

This issue features words by Andrew Farrell, Indiah Money, Kai Clancy, Laniyuk, Rose Chalks, SJ Norman, Timmah Ball, Tré Turner, William Cooper; and images by Moorina Bonini, William Cooper, Ebony Daniels, Edwina Green, Morgan Hickinbotham, Jacinta Keefe, Hailey Harper Moroney, SJ Norman, Bodie Strain, Pierra Van Sparkes, Toz Withall

Issue 14: The Growing Up Issue

Growing up isn’t just about popping pimples and trying new things. Growing up is about finding a better world, confronting the realities of life and realising the people in power are incompetent. Growing up is about disappointment, guilt, community, love, and recognising privilege and systematic oppression. Growing up is about creating your space.” – Lucy Watson, editor-in-chief

This special edition of Archer Magazine (our biggest yet) features a series of articles on growing and discovering, to help us all find our way, regardless of our age. It’s the first-ever edition developed with high-school-aged people in mind in addition to our usual readership. Coronavirus and sex work, Violence and queer solidarity: Before it touches you, Queer and Aboriginal in a regional setting: Identity and place, Queer and religious freedoms can co-exist, Queering history: Memory, museums and ‘Little Women’, Non-binary recognition: From haircuts to ghosts in the machine, Sex work and theft: Real and imagined

Issue 15: The Friendship Issue

This issue – the Friendship issue – is a beautiful and heartwarming collection of stories from lockdown and a variety of creative and chosen family and friendship setups.

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