Gender Bender

Binder, Shapewear & Pouch Combo

  • $94.95
  • $129.95
  • - $35.00


Poly thread, nylon spandex compression knit, comfortable heat transfer label.

This binder is handmade in Los Angeles with a 70% nylon, 30% spandex compression knit with antimicrobial and moisture management treatments. It was very carefully designed to have strong seams, clean finishes, and no rough areas or tags to scratch or irritate the skin. The two layers of fabric in the front work to compress and flatten the chest without making it hard to breathe, while the bottoms compress the hips.

There is also a packing pouch inside the bottoms, perfect for Mr Limpy and smaller packers, however is not suitable for STPs.

Please select the size in inches around your chest. If your waist measurement is larger than your chest measurement, please use that measurement for sizing. 

XS - 30" - 32"
S - 32" - 34"
M - 34" - 38"
L - 38" - 42"
XL - 41" - 45"
2XL - 44" - 48"