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Queer Icons and Their Cats

These cat lovers are out and purr-oud.

Freddie Mercury, Sylvia Rivera, Alison Bechdel, Dusty Springfield. This book is a celebration of queer icons of the past and present and their furry feline friends. From images of lost legends such as Josephine Baker and James Baldwin, to snapshots of contemporary trailblazers like comedian Tig Notaro and fashion designer Jason Wu--these charming and eccentric photographs capture what it truly means to be a cat purr-son.

- PURR-FECT FOR CAT LOVERS: This book celebrates the love between human and cat. What better gift could you get the feline fancier in your life?

- AMEWSING ANECDOTES AND IMPAWTENT MOMENTS: Learn about the lives of the queer heroes who came before us and those who are still fighting for equality and inclusion. We're not kitten around--with watershed moments like the Stonewall riots and sweet stories of domestic bliss, this book will both entertain and inspire you.

- PHOTOS WITH CATITUDE: In these purr-ecious photographs, you'll get to see your heroes in unguarded moments expressing love for their pets. This collection of images will bring joy to any cat lover's heart.


Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 112 pages
Imprint: Chronicle Books
Published: May 2021
ISBN: 9781797203782

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