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Sergio Y.

A startling and inspirational work of transgender fiction by a leading figure in Brazil's “New Urban” fiction movement.

Armando, one of the most renowned therapists in Sao Paulo, is nearing the end of a long, illustrious career. Against his better judgment he agrees to take on a new patient: Sergio, the teenage son of a wealthy Brazilian businessman. Sergio suffers from malaise and his parents are concerned. But after a number of sessions, Sergio abruptly interrupts his course of therapy following a trip to New York, saying only that he has found his own path to happiness and must pursue it alone. 

Though perplexed, and somewhat annoyed, Armando lets the matter rest without further ado. That is, until he learns from Sergio's mother that the boy has moved to New York and is transitioning. Sergio is becoming Sandra.

How could he have missed that? Something so big?! An accomplished therapist like him, how could he not have seen…

Armando embarks on a journey to discover the truth about his former patient and about himself. Along the way, he will learn that compassion is sometimes conveyed in the most mysterious ways. 

Sergio Y. is a uniquely heartwarming work of fiction about gender, identity, what it means to live a full life, and the search for happiness.


Format: Paperback
Page Count: 192 pages
Imprint: Europa Editions
Published: June 2016
ISBN: 9781609453275


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