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  • [Product_type] - Spoonie Pin -
Julian Gray

Spoonie Pin

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hard enamel pin, black nickel, metal butterfly clutch, metal clutch, butterfly clutch, enamel pin.

This spoonie pride hard enamel pin features a spoonie logo of three inter-crossing spoons for the disabled and chronically ill to show off their spoonie status!

Made from hard enamel which has been carefully polished down for a smooth sheen, this pin has a surprisingly "solid" feel. Hard enamel is more expensive than soft enamel due to the extra amount of enamel required to achieve the smooth surface on the top rather than the "sunken in" effect of soft enamel pins. At 30mm in size the pin is easily readable. It comes with a backing card approximately 50 x 80mm in size, as well as in plastic packaging. 

* Hard enamel pin with a black nickel backing
* Metal butterfly clutch fastening
* Smooth surface (not the "sunken in" effect of soft enamel pins)
* Size: Approx 30mm 
* Comes with backing card and plastic packaging
* Backing card size: Approx 50 x 80mm
* Great for bags, coat lapels, etc
* Spoonie designed